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5 Social Media Tools I Can’t Live Without

I must admit, starting as a social media manager can be pretty difficult when you don't have the right tools. And with the never-ending list of programs, systems, and services that promise to make your life easier, it can be tough to find which ones work best for you. That's why I'm sharing my 5 favorite tools. Hopefully, you find at least one that helps you conquer social.

I can't recommend enough to anyone, but especially those managing Facebook and Instagram ads for a business. This tool allows you to track your campaign performance from start to finish in one place, which is really helpful if you're trying different strategies consistently and want to see what works best for your budget or niche. This tool has also been a complete game-changer when it comes to copywriting and help with generating content ideas.


I know this is probably on the list of every social media manager, but that's because it is such an amazing (and affordable) tool! You can create graphics, advertisements, and social media posts within seconds.

I've used Canva for everything from designing blog post images to graphic design work on my company's website. It also has templates that make it easy to get started with banners or other marketing materials!


Sometimes you need a quick video editor and don't have the time (or the access) to big-time video editing programs like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. That's where InShot comes in handy - it has templates for all sorts of videos, so you can quickly create the right look and feel! I like to use InShot when I need to quickly put together video content for a client, and it always gets the job done right!


This tool is a new discovery for me, but I love it already! What's the coolest thing about Metricool? It allows you to track all of your marketing efforts in one place. I like that it tracks things like sign-up rates, subscribe rates, and conversion rates for each campaign to see what type of campaigns are working best!


Later is a great tool for scheduling social media posts, and it's one of the few that I actually pay for. Once you create your post, all you have to do is set when to publish it - then Later does the work! My favorite thing about this tool is the preview feature. It definitely comes in handy when you are planning out the look of your feed. It also allows you to store media to schedule at a later date, which is super helpful.

Which Tools Are Right for You?

We live in a time of unprecedented access to information and tools, and finding the right ones for you is a GAME CHANGER.

What are your favorites? Please share them below so that others might benefit from what has worked well for you too!

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